How Do I eTenet Login & Guide To eTenet New Account

Today in this article, we will tell you about the eTenet Login Guide, the eTenet Login Customer Service Number,and how to recover a lost password.

eTenet portals are owned and operated by Tenet Healthcare. Tenet Healthcare Corporation is a healthcare company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. At the moment of this article, Tenet Healthcare Corporation operates 470 outpatient centers in 14 states, primarily in California, Florida, Michigan, and Texas.

eTenet Login

The E-Tenet Login portal was created for their employees to access important information about schedules, benefits, and payments.

But for that, you should have a login id and password. I mean, you need to register yourself to avail of that service.

How to Login or Register in E-tenet?

  • Navigate to
  • Make sure that your browser displays a lock icon next to the website address in the address bar because that icon shows the level of security your data has.
  • Type in your user ID and password you received from Tenet. Check that your caps lock is turned off and that you are typing your login information in the proper case.
  • Click on the login button to get access to the eTenet Portal.

How to Recover the Password? – E-tenet

You don’t need to panic if you have lost your password. Just go to the official website of the e-mail, and there you will find a tab for forgetting the password. There you will be asked to reset your password. Just click on that button and reset your password.

  • If your password is not working, make sure that your caps lock button is off and that you are typing it in the correct case.
  • To reset your password as a registered eTenet user, Tenet Employed Physician, or Non-Credentialed Physician, you will need to provide the following information:-
  • User Id for E Tenet
  • SSN’s last four digits
  • The birthdate
  • If you are still facing the problem, you need to contact 1-800-639-7575.

Etenet Customer Service Number

If you have questions about the eTenet Portal, please get in touch with your local Information Systems Department or the Tenet Service Desk at 1-800-639-7575 or by mail at 1445 Ross Ave., Suite 1400, Dallas, Texas 75202.


We have tried to compile all the data for you on the eTenet Login Guide and eTenet Login Customer Service Numberand how to recover a lost password. I hope you liked the article and will come again to see more updates from us like this. Thank you!

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