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As a CCV student right now, you want to find specific information quickly. This page is for you. It has quick links to things you might need.

Welcome to the Current Students page, where you can easily find information about activating your accounts, planning your courses, managing your finances, and getting the tools you need to do well. The whole of CCV is big, and is no different.

Myccv About:

MyCCV is the personal online environment for all services provided by CCV. Email address. Password. visibility visibility_off.

So, we put together this helpful guide for students. You still can’t find what you want? You can get our Student Handbook or use our chat feature if you have more questions.

New VSCS Portal

As of November 1, 2022, the VSCS has switched to a new Portal. The Portal is a one-stop shop for resources and information. Once you log in, you can find tools to help you plan your degree, check the status of your financial aid, and set long-term and short-term educational goals.

The Portal is at on the web, and you can get the VSC Portal app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Access and Activation


Select the “Student/Faculty/Staff” profile

Log in using your Portal username and password

Select CCV as your VSCS institution

You will go through a final authorization process using a PIN before your account is activated. You will be able to set your password after the PIN confirmation.

Myccv Email

Your official MYCCV email address is where emails from the College will be sent to you. Your teachers will also be able to talk to you through your CCV account. Your CCV email gives you a safe, easy, and secure way to communicate. It also gives you access to discounts that are only available to students with email address on many websites. Before you can get to your CCV email, you will need to set up your student account.

Access Your Canvas Classroom

Visit to get to your Canvas classroom. To log in, you’ll need your MYCCV username and password. Visit our IT support page or the Canvas Student Guide for more information on how to find your way around and use Canvas.

Add a person to your list of FERPA permissions.

To add someone to your FERPA Permissions, which gives them access to your financial account, academic performance, course enrollment, and financial aid information, here’s what you need to do:

Enter the Portal.

Click on the tile that says “Registration.”

Click on the link that says “Add a Person to Your FERPA Permissions.”

Click on Academic Profile for Student.

Click on Authorization Form for FERPA.

Type a person’s first and last name and choose how they are related to you. Then click “Grant Access.” Create an access code to share with the person you added; they may need to provide this access code if they contact MYCCV on your behalf.


Enrollment Verification

This is a secure self-service provided by the National Student Clearinghouse that allows you to:

View current or full enrollment history.

Print an enrollment verification certificate to send to loan providers, health insurers, or other organizations that require proof of your enrollment at CCV.

Check notifications that were requested by your loan lenders.

Obtain a list of your loan lenders.

To view or obtain an enrollment certificate, click here. You will be taken to the National Student Clearinghouse website. Please contact the registrar’s office if you have difficulty

obtaining your enrollment information.

Student Program and Course Planning 

Contact Your Advisor

You can contact your advisor by clicking on the “Advising” tile in CCV’s Portal and following the “Contact your Advisor” link.

Register for Classes

There are many ways to register for a class at MYCCV. New students are encouraged to talk with an academic advisor to register. Our advisors are here to answer your questions and are eager to discuss how MYCCV can help you reach your goals. Contact your nearest MYCCV center to schedule an appointment.

Returning students can register using supported web registration, direct web registration, or by appointment. Learn more about the ways to register on our register page.

Supported web registration:

Browse our web schedule and select your courses. Students can also use CCV’s Course Sections Search tool to find classes using keywords or instructor name.

Request your courses using this online form (login required).

A CCV advisor will review your requests and will contact you in 1-2 business days with next steps.

Direct web registration:

Returning students can use the “Registration” tile on the CCV Portal and follow the “Register for Classes” link. Follow the directions on our Web Registration Guide to get started.

Myccv app

MYCCV SalesPoint is an all-in-one tool that makes it easier and more efficient to run your business. The MYCCV SalesPoint app is a set of smart tools that work together online. They range from a simple app for making mobile payments to a modern cash register. Tools that take care of a lot of the work you have to do in the office. With MYCCV SalesPoint, it’s also easier than ever to add a webshop to your store or salon.

When you choose MYCCV as your payment partner, you get access to MyCCV, your own digital portal where you can track transaction data across your business.

Student Finances

View Your Bill/Make a Payment

You can view your bill, make a payment, or set up a payment plan using Student Finance Self Service. Log in using your CCV Portal username and password. “Account Summary” will allow you to view your bill, while “Account Activity” will allow you to view your financial activity and provide you with a link to “Make a Payment/Add Authorized User/Set Up Payment Plan.” Not seeing what you need? Review our Student Finance Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

MYCCV Financial Aid

CCV offers a quality education at the lowest cost of any college in Vermont, and our financial aid counselors are here to help you apply for and receive financial aid.

Visit our financial aid page for instructions and contact information. Want to talk with a counselor about what aid you could receive? Contact your local financial aid counselor! Students can visit Financial Aid Self Service to manage and view their financial aid package. Log in using your CCV Portal username and password.

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