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MyHR Login– Sears is a well-known department store in the United States of America. You can consider Sears as the heart of department stores in America. This is not due to its size, but rather to the high quality of services offered by Sears for many years.

You will find here the kind of staff who are dedicated to customer service to make customers return again and again to Sears Department Store.

This is the main reason why Sears is ranked first in the list of public support among its peers.

MyHR About:

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MyHR Login

Alvah Curtis Roebuck and Richard Warren Sears set up the department store. In the year 1906, they started their first store. Since the year, they have been continuously giving extraordinary services to their customers.

Sears is presently headquartered at Hoffman Estates in Illinois, but it was first headquartered at Sears’ towers in Chicago.

The workforce is considered the main asset of Sears. Sears gives credit to its staff and employees for its success and popularity.

As we have mentioned above, employees play a huge role in the success of Sears, so they are providing the facilities to their employees.

One of the facilities is the Sears Portal. is called 88Sears. Here, only employees can access it. All of the information required for Sears employees can be found here.

The company asks employees to log in and check their information like paystubs, private information, payment schedules and many more on the portal. The MyHR Login process is quite easy. Just follow the steps.

Use MyHR Login – Sears Associate Login to get started.

If you are a new employee at this Sears company, You need to follow the process. But you need to register first with the company. After registration, you will be able to get MyHR Login. There are some requirements for beginning the process, so you need to keep those in mind.

  • Get the username when you register.
  • password that you set at the registration time.
  • PC/laptop/smartphone/tablet. Any of these devices may
  • good and stable internet connection or data pack in the case of a smart phone.
  • A web browser of your choice and the official website,, of MyHR Login.
  • Once you have got all the requirements, let’s get started.
  • Grab all the devices which are required to start the process.
  • In your browser, enter And go for the search option.
  • You will be navigated to the homepage of Now search for MyHR Login.
  • You found that now you need to enter the Login ID and Password to continue the further process. You would have received a login and password during the registration process.Keep those notes for the login process.
  • There are two option boxes. The first is for the Enterprise ID, and the second is for the Password.Once you enter both correctly, Now go to the next button, which is to Log In.
  • Once you clicked on the Log In button, You are able to access your account and get all the needed details.

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Final Verdict:

The MyHR Login Guide (Sears88) article focuses on the Sears MyHR login process for Sears employees.Login is available on This article explains the process of logging in easily.

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